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even trillions at stake, which is it? what does the president say? i am harris faulkner, this is the fox report. it has come down to this, the financial well being of tens of millions of americans. in the hands of washington's last minute wrangling with a critical deadline 72 hours away. >> we are in a crucial time in history in the country. we said it before but it is true. >> august second is tuesday. american people are frustrated
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with us and want us to come together. >> we'll have the latestt developments. >> and she wen to bed in her own home but was not there in the morning. now the f.b.i. is offering big reward money for the missing len year old with the community aware that a predator could be among them. plus, armed with a weapon and not necessarily a brain. why you can put this guy in the dumb criminal file. first from fox tonight, the showdown in washington over the nation's debt limit reaching a fever pitch. in three days, the government could run in problems paying the bills. we'll look live at the senate floor, we are awaiting a vote on majority leader harry
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reid's bill. the senate leaders went back and forth. does it sound like they are any closer to making a deal? >> the only way we'll get an agreement before tuesday is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. >> today they held a press conference to stay we were talks with the president. i spent two hours for the president and nancy peel pole and fair for me to say that the engagement is not coy. >> not in a meaningful way. >> president obama meeting are senator reid and house minor leader nancy pelosi. we have coverage tonight. mike emanuel has the back and forth debate on capitol hill. i know this changes minute by
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minute. where are we in a search for a deal? >> harris, as you alluded to it depends on who you ask. the republicans after phone conversations with the president and vice-president of the united states. they sound like we are close to a deal. here is senator mitch mcconnel. >> the only way we get an agreement before tuesday is to have a agreement with the president of the united states . only person who can sign something in law . i am more optmistic than my friend, the majority leader. >> that optimism was a change in tone. we heard that from the speaker of the house john boehner and senator mcconnel speaker boehner has left the capitol for the evening and gone home. he clearly believe his work is done for now, harris.
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>> we have reports that the president was on the phone with top republicans in the house and senate and also just met a short while ago with senator reid and nancy pelosi out of the house. did the democrats agree on all of this? >> they have a different take on it. when leader nancy pelosi came back to the capitol she didn't say anything. when senator harry reid came back to the capitol are we closer to a deal, the answer is no . he went back on the senate floor and tried to see if he could push his debt measure forward. take a linn to this. >> put lip stick on it and nice suit and even a skirt it is still a filibuster. >> senator reid sounding frustrated. i spoke privately with a couple of united states senators who are disgusted with the whole thing. the saturday before our economy can conceivably drive
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off of the cliff and they say it shouldn't have gotten to this point. >> mike, emanuel thank you very much. we'll check back with you if the news warrants. >> you heard senator mitch mcconnell saying a deal in the white house could be closer than ever. >> we are now fully engaged, the speaker and i with one person out of the 307 million people who can sign a bill in law. i am confident and optmistic that we will get an agreement in the very near future and resolve this crisis in the best interest of the american people. >> what we are learning today he was on the president three times today . what about top democrats? just a whole ago they met face to face with the president and no details are coming out of the that and maybe we'll get some now. molly is on capitol hill. this is a fluid situation.
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what have we got in terms of an update on that meeting. >> hi, harris, the president had no public events but summoned senator reid and congresswoman pelosi to the white house. they meet here in the white house and you heard about mike emanuel talking about a pessimistic comment from senator harry reid. but president obama said in the radio and internet address, he believes that an agreement is a possibility. >> the parties are not that far apart. we are in agreement of the spending and we agree on a process to tackle tax reform and enie too littlement reform. there are ways out of the mess but there is little time. >> the president said consequences of congress not reaching a debt deal would be
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inexcusable and entirely self inflicted. >> mike emanuel reported that speaker boehner left capitol hill. do we know if the president is planning to meet with other republicans tonightit - rooner >> john boehner indicated a deal may be in reach and the republicans believe that the ball is in the president's court. >> it is time for the president to tell us what he's for and time for the president to outline out of get out of the cud desack that he drove us into . there are announced meeting between the president and speaker boehner and so we can't rule it out. there is no indcage that it is happening tonight. >> time for the president to tell us what he's for and the american people say it is time for congress to tell us what they are for and get a deal done. >> a stellar line up in the key players of the showdown.
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bret is in for chris wallace and have a exclusive interview with septemberors on both sides of the aisle. bret will talk exclusive with house majority whip keviin mccarthy. >> and also gene spurling. we can get important perspective from sperling. check your local listings for the time. >> some people worry about the deadlock in washington could wreck our credit rating. making it less likely for other countryy to take on our debt. that could mean interest rates spiking. standard and poors making serious threats this week to lower our triple a score. the senior economic writers for the wall street journal
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which is the parent company. steve, how could we see the interest rates go up how long? >> i don't think they go up a lot. but i think that consider america has always had a triple a bond rating and president obama would be the first president in history to see a downgrading of our debt. it would negatively put america's standing in the world . i think we lose statue in the world. but the most important thing is what global inveors think about the credit worthiness was our debt and if you look at the last number of weeks, investors are buying bonds and not selling bonds and the interest rates have remained level. there is not a panic with the investors so far. if you get the downgrade and interest rates rise. >> and so no panic behuin wall
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street there was reaction that was rehement and people have to be opening the 401 k with one eye closed. the dow is down, the largest weekly point drop since my 2010. what does it take to keep the slid happening on monday when the markets reopen? >> it is interesting how we interpert this. this is one of the worst weeks in the stock market that we have seen in a year. a big decline. some people say it is because they haven't settled the data agreement. i have a different interpretation. i think they are lookking at what is happening in the congress and saying wait a these people are not serious. it is not just getting a deal but it brings the deficit down and in my opinion over the last week, all signals have been we'll do a phony deal
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with phony cuts that don't deal with 10 or trillions new debt. that is the reason you are seeing the sell off on american stockings. >> isn't that what we learned in third grade. with regard to our retirement accounts. they are cracking hethose babis and what happened last quarter with my money what should we do if anything at the beginning of next week? wait it out. >> don't panic is the question. there is not going to be a default on the debt. i said it for the last month. there will be no default on u.s. treasury secretaries and people shouldn't feel panicked and even if we go past the august 2nd deadline. the grid lock will be broken in a couple of days is more melodrama than the drama. the outcome will be, speaker boehner and the president will
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reach a deal and it will be somewhere between where the reid plan and the boehner plann and we'll get it done. the only outstanding issue is, will they pass a temporary debt ceiling and we have to relive this drama six months from now. >> you hit the word now, drama. >> i could talk with you all evening. i have a feeling we'll talk again if this is not settled in the short term. >> it has been a long week. great to be with you. >> thank you, we are monitoring what the president and congress will accomplish tonight. speaking with house minor leader nancy pelosi and asks if she thought there being be a deal tomorrow by. the clock she said is teching i hope so. really? more reaction as we get it. >> a passenger plane crashs
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and splits in two and then a miracle on the runway. >> and there are robbers and then there are dumb robbers. how does this guy rate? we report and you decide. turn left.
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>> a plane crash in south america ends in a miracle, everyone survived. the caribbean jet left for georgetown. the officials are still investigating what caused the pilot to overshoot the runway. 163 people and 100 suffered jurisdiction but they all made it out alive. the boeing 711 narrowly missed going into a ravine. >> where is celina cass? they hope for clues saying they have 100 officers on
4:17 pm
stand by in case they need them in the search. the reward money jumps to $25,000 for anyone on the where bas. celina cass lastt seen in stewartstown. they have searched woods and pools and ponds. >> no sign of her. police are confident they have the right guy, but they were wrong. now the suspect in a beating of a san francisco giant fan is speaking out. ramirez was exxonerated after two other men were arrested for the beating in dodgers' stadium. ramirez said police rushed to judgment and said i am upset not for myself but the grief and embarrassment that my family and friend and loved ones have been through. ramirez has been in custody after being arrested on a
4:18 pm
parole violation in may. >> a robber's poor planning caught on surveillance video. he's carrying a akfren and taking the customers to the back of the store. he notices that the clerks are protected by bullet-proof glass . he removes his mask and exposed his face to the security camera. louisiana police are arresting a man who led his 18 year old son drive because he was drunk. 28 year old billie joe madden fises charges including open container of alcohol . his four year old daughter was in the back seat. they responded to the a call from another driver when they said there was a child behind the wheel. they found madison asleep in the passenger seat. >> it is a late night for
4:19 pm
senators. they are watching what will happen. mixed messages and where we sand on getting a debt deal done. the decision how much and when it will be to raise the borrowing limit. we have a team of sources working. >> he risked his life for our veteran and now he is cashing in on fabulous luck. we'll tell you why the staff sergeant has a million extra reasons to smile. stay close. s. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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>> the latest on the debt crisis showdown. live in the floor of the u.s. senate where we are waiting for a key vote introduced by
4:23 pm
harry reid. just moments ago nancy pelosi summed up by say the clock is ticking. >> we are just days away from a looming august 2nd deadline. we'll get the latest developments from the senior capitol producer she is a person who keeps us connected as reporters on fox news with all of the happenings on capitol hill that. is just minutes from now inside fox news report. >> disappointment for the state of texas after don moved through without rain. the national weather service reporting less than an inch of rain failed before don moved in northern new mexico. farmer bracing for more hot and dry air. here's the latest from corpus christi, texas. >> tropical storm don was
4:24 pm
supposed to pack winds of 50 miles per hour and dump five inch was rain on part was texas, but it turned out to be a total dud. it came ashore here in texas last night. in fact, it only sprinkles and less than an inch of rain coming down and leaving farmers and residents of the lone star state highly disappointed and who were embracing don with arms. texas is experiencing the worst drought on record. farmers have lost 30 percent or more of the crops. >> west texas and south texas, all around us is devastating. it is going on for a while. >> and more than 90 percent of the state is considered to be within an excessive drought. rainfall totals are eight inches below average. there is another tropical
4:25 pm
depression brewing in the atlantic and residents have their eyes on that to hopefully bring them much needed rain. harris? >> thank you, casey so much. >> and look at what texas can expect and the rest of the nation, too. maria molina, our meteorologist live in the weather center. the southwest needs rain. >> they are going to get some. but for the sate of texas we'll condition to see dry conditions not just this weekend but the next week coming up. it is unfortunate for the state. we are looking at dry and hot system is because was a high pressure system that is located over the u.s. and will continue to be here for the next several weeks. thunderstorms do fire up around it and we'll see showers and thunderstorms in the northeast . across the southeast and four corners and in the northern
4:26 pm
plains. today we are looking at seveerr weather in the region. there are two tornado warnings in minnesota. there is a lot of rotation with the storms and hot temperatures, 99 was the current temperature in dallas and harris, it did reach are you degrees in texas. it is twine days in a row of seeing temperatures of 100 degrees or more. we are tied for the second longest hot streak. look at the forecast. >> man, it looks like my golf course. it is awful. >> emotion flying and conflict being signals and a lot of the talks and no debt deals coming out of washington. we are told that the democrat majority leader's bill is voted on. will we see that later tonight . after two yearrs in an iranian
4:27 pm
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4:31 pm
proposed by senator harry reid. meanwhile as they bicker the stock market plummeted. but senator mitch mcconnell said a deal with the republicans and white house could finally be reached. when i greeted senator reed after the 90 minute meeting he was not happy. he simply looked at us. if the answer to a deal, no, there is no deal he went to the floor and made a terse speech. tinged with anger and he did not hear what he wanted to
4:32 pm
hear in the white house. that doesn't mean we are not closing in on a deal and it could be a formula that has president obama and vice-president biden who is actively involved closing a deal with the republican leaders in congress. >> you have been keeping us comprised of all of the phone calls going on with mr. mcconnell and the president and he was looking for upbeat than mr. reid. >> it was like they were coming from two separate planets describing what happened. president obama called conle early the republican leader in the senate and called him earlier today . mcconnell had two conversations senator biden and after reid come out of the white house. i had to cut a conversation
4:33 pm
short. they are trying to hammer out a compromise and they are really serious. >> speaking of talks. we have seen since this morning, news conferences and press releases from the republicans and democrats, what is the purpose of all of the public speak? >> other than to kill us with e-mails? i think you are seeing what we always see in difficult negotiations. you have to hedge your bets and give the political message that is usually beating each other up on the way to the prom . so right now, you are seeing political posturing and i know your viewers are saying on a discussion about default it is not good to play pol -- politics. they beat each other up and then they will get together at some point. >> i am hearing word of a 1:00
4:34 pm
a.m. senate vote? >> this is scheduled last night when everything was falling apart. we couldn't see a clear path for it at all. senator reid laid a 2.2 trillion. some quibble about the math. he said it is not a proposal that hardly any republicans, maybe four at best would sign on to. look, i will set a key test vote for sunday morning at 1:00 a.m.. he's hoping between now and 1:00 a.m. he can cobble together a deal and we hope he does away with the 1:00 a.m. vote. i will be seriously sleepp deprived. >> it is hard for people to understand. this is senator reid's bill. he is the top democrats in the senate. they hold the majority. what is the ld up. do they not agree on the bill in >> the hold up is the filibuster in the senate and
4:35 pm
the rules in the senate. you might hold a majority but you have to have a 60 vote majority if they want to get through. >> they don't have the votes. >> he has probably every member of his caucus. all 53 and he is seven votes short. we think all of the democrats and at this ponent he is looking for republicans to join him if the white house can't ride in on the horse with a bigger deal. >> august 2nd is the day of hearing. is that a sliding date now? >> no. it seems to be the date they are holding fast that treasury . i would say if something doesn't materialize tonight or tomorrow morning. we have to hear about a short-term deal within a few days and weeks they buy themselves time. >> all right.
4:36 pm
senior capitol producer. good to see you and have you on the show. gun meb armed with grenade blew up the natural gas pool line that supplies gas to israel. there are deaths or this is the third attack on that pipe line this month. and the fifth since the upriding. >> it is a week over the attack in norway. 77 people were killed in a bomb youth camp massacre. he considered other attack targets, investigators says anders brev rick other possible targets were natural for terror attacks. the royal palace and labor party headquarter offices were considered.
4:37 pm
information obtained in 10 hours of questioning this man on friday. >> amondayedaba knox back in court in a brand new trial now and we are learning investigators who collected evidence made a series of glaring errors according to experts. knox convicted of killing a girl in a drug fueled sex game got 26 years in prison. the expert testifying saying that key dna evidence was contaminated and unreliable. prosecutor insisting that the work was done in the beginning. two american hikers held in iran could go free. a court are hading for josh fattal and shawn bewer could end with a hearing and comes in the start of ramadan . many muslim nations park the
4:38 pm
holy month by pardoning prisoners. they are facing espionage charges. they released her after they posted a bail for her freedom. >> more fall out in pakistan after the killing of osama bin laden. they are putting new travel restrictions on u.s. diplomats working there. it is a sign of rising tensions between the u.s. and pakistan. the government said diplomats will have to apply for special permission to leave and it is an unusual move for countries with open diplomatic relations. >> our top stories around the world in 80 seconds . veit -- viet nam.
4:39 pm
flames killing 72 people. the cause a welder parking roofing insulation. the material fell and blocked to the floor and trapping workers inside. >> south korea. regions devastated by land slide and rebuilding after days of rain. it is the heaviest downpour in a century. construction crews installeding guard rails in major highways and entire apartment blocks in ruins. australia, locals protesting an american run beauty pageant with contestants two months old. the event sexualizes children. one government official is not to please. >> i feel the mede. and participants say the pageant is harmless. >> uk and zarya philips.
4:40 pm
queen elizabeth's grand daughter maring the rug bee player . there for the wedding is william and kate. it was not even broadcast on tv. that is a wrap. >> and drug trafficking with california's border with mexico is nothing new. the is now getting worse. >> plus, st. louis commemorates one of its own. it is the rock-n-roll legend chuck berry. ♪ ♪ oh, maybele why can't you be true. ♪ you started doing the things you used to. ♪ [ singing ] [ rge ] psst.
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4:44 pm
more dangerous place now than last year. a report for the u.s. inspector general blaming a resurgance of shiite militia and frequent bombings and assassination for the jump in the deaths. 15 americans died in june there. the respect look at the money the pentagon is spending on the war. audits with military contractors . 3000 for a circuit breaker that is worth less than $200 . now iraq plans to purchase fighter jets from the u.s.. it doubles the number they intended to buy. all of this as baghdad . debate whether a large number of american forces should stay in iraq after the president obama's deadline. and growing trend on our
4:45 pm
southern border. smuggling of hardcore drugs growing at an alarming rate. heroin andand methamphatamine flowing in across the border. >> it is the busiest border crossing. they are smuggling hardcore drugs in the united states . one agent said if they get through here they will scattered across the country in hours. >> it is much more difficult to detect. this is an example much this came in this morning, 14 pounds of mexican tar heroin out of the drive shaft. >> they deprabed a quarter of a million in hardcore drugs including methamphatamines in a car battery and more found
4:46 pm
in the lining of the suv it is part of the disturbing trin in agents seeing more cocane smuggled. we have to make sure we are throwing up every barrier without choking off the no of legitimate travel. >> on any given day 40,000 cars come through and roughly 90,000 people. try to figure out which drive train may have black tar heroin stuffed inside. the task seems impossible. >> the ruls of increased hardcore smuggling and means more heroin and meth, wide low available on the street. >> there are more seizures of the harder drugs coming from mexico and affects of what that mean for law enforcement and the challenges we face. >> the quarter million doesn't
4:47 pm
count an suv full of drugs. better detection methods and the amount of money cartels can make from smuggling a small amount of hardcore drugs. adam housely fox news. >> all american welcome home in iowa and a 15 pound hamburger and the race to finish eating it first in alabama. two stops as we go across america. iowa, more than 150 soldiers coming home from war to family and friends. >> this is a great testament. >> and they are part of the 290 soldiers from the hawk eye state in afghanistan . washington d.c., an iraq war vet ron cashing in with a lottery ticket. >> i sat down and couldn't walk at the time . hey, you know, i just won a
4:48 pm
million dollars. >> he had to take cell phone picture. they have planned for the house. a new house. >> and missouri, locals unveiling a new statue of rock-n-roll legend chuck berry. a st. louis native thanks the crowd and hanging out listening to his old tunes. >> alabama. new challenge for bold eaters. >> 15 or six. >> if you can finish in two hours, your meal is on the house. >> ate 30 peaches . don't come up short or that burger will cost you 80 bucks that is a fox watch in america. >> a live look now in the senate floor. we are expecting a test vote of senator harry reid's bill for raising the nation's
4:49 pm
limit. we could hear it would come at 1:00 a.m. eastern time. would we be any closer to a deal and an update on capitol hill right now. some say obesity crisis is due to children sitting in front of the computers and not getting outside like these kids. >> now the internet working to get kids in shape. how is that possible? premiering the revolution by lg. the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library. powered by verizon 4g lte for an unparalleled streaming experience. see how mobile entertainment was meant to be seen. only with verizon 4g lte. now get the revolution by lg for $199.99 and receive 3 months of netflix free.
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negotiations are underway and a key vote to a bill introduced by senator harry reid. they could work late in the
4:53 pm
night. we are told a test vote on that reid bill could happen 1:00 eastern. that's what we will watch out for to see if that happens. earlier today the senate leader sending mixed messages on where they all plan. it is getting interesting. >> running around and getting exercise and playing out doors will help the children score points on the on line world. rick has the story. harris apparently glowing up in a high-tech world is not good for kids. they are not getting as much exercise as they used to and packog pounds . three in 10 kids are overweight. ina part, too many are hooked to thes or computers or video games. >> it is pretty alarming you
4:54 pm
see the obesity rates for kids and start to see how little they are engaging in active play. they have a sports themed website and game called fun go play. they use a soccer ball or disk to wrack up desk and reward on website to enhance the skills . we are providing them the opportunity to do it separately but play off of each other. parents need to limit the tv and screen time and encourage exercise and say the game could help. >> getting them to interact and incent vising them to do the things we want them to do is a great way to disguise that and a way to model some
4:55 pm
of the treatment plans for the future. >> they plan to add a football to the mix. you can buy a regular football and play until you get tired leak we used to do back in the day. >> and thank you so much. >> it is 7:54 and 59 and 7:55. they are still at it in washington d.c.. lawmakers are going on the senate floor and are they getting along. it is a key test vote on the debt limit we expect at 1:00 a.m.. a recap. billions and trillions at stake. stay close. naturals from purina cat chow. delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> recapping our top story. debt limit showdown and we are waiting for a vote on senator reid's bill. that being happen at 1:00
4:59 pm
eastern tonight. members have different takings. earlier senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said the republicans are close to a deal with the president and white house. and speaking directly and on the other side senator reid said he didn't see agreement in the works. his own bill is up for a test vote and he may not have the votes in his own party . around and around we go. updates throughout the night on the fox news channel. on this at a in 1945. american warship uss indianapolis sank hit by a japanese submarine . it the japanese

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